The benefits of dental implants for tooth replacement by trusting your care to a prosthodontist

In the past, patients with gaps in their smiles had limited options to replace their missing or failing teeth. Fortunately, dental technologies and science have advanced considerably. Now, patients in need of tooth replacement can benefit from both precision-fit conventional dentures and dental implants. Implants may be used to support a single tooth (with a dental crown) or an entire mouthful of teeth with implant-retained dentures. Other dentists in and around Newport Beach, California, may market dental implants; however, Dr. Stephen Alfano at Balboa Island Dentistry has unique advanced specialty training and experience in oral prostheses. Such prosthetics include replacement teeth. 

Additionally, Dr. Alfano holds many relevant professional memberships that further speak to his skill, capabilities, and the safety and quality of the implant process at our office. These memberships include the Academy of Osseointegration, which is dedicated to maintaining a high standard of care in the placement of dental implants and in advancing the science of implantology. In fact, the word “osseointegration” refers to a critical step in the process of rebuilding your smile with dental implants (more on that later!).

Implants 101

What makes implants so unique? It all goes back to the design of those prosthetic teeth supported by implants. Traditional dentures and dental bridges replace only the visible parts of the tooth (and the gum tissue, in the case of dentures). They do not replace the critical elements of the tooth that are not visible in the smile. A natural tooth is stabilized in the jaw by tooth roots. Implant-supported teeth are designed to replace both the visible part of the tooth (the crown) and the root. The implant itself functions like a tooth root. Dr. Alfano uses his extensive specialty expertise and advanced technologies to precisely position the implant in the jaw. Once the implant has joined to the surrounding bone through a process called osseointegration, it can function as designed and hold the overlying prosthetic tooth in place. The crown is connected securely to the implant (“artificial tooth root”) with an abutment. As few as four implants may be strategically positioned in the jawbone to support an upper or lower denture. 

Lasting natural function, patient satisfaction

The process of getting implants is generally straightforward. It is well-tolerated with precision anesthetics and sedative options for enhanced comfort. Implants are low maintenance and should be treated like natural teeth – with good home hygiene and regular dental visits. With proper oral care, implant-retained crowns, bridges, and dentures can last a lifetime! They also prevent or halt the devastating process of bone loss. Call Balboa Island Dentistry at (949) 673-7820 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Alfano.