Dental ozone: A powerful, healing addition to a wide variety of services and procedures

As a prosthodontist, Dr. Stephen Alfano has advanced specialty training and tools to support precision treatment and the most comfortable and pleasant patient experience at Balboa Island Dentistry. From our office in Newport Beach, California, Dr. Alfano also uses ozone therapy as a powerful adjunct in various dental services. As such, ozone is a versatile, time-tested “healer,” and we are privileged to be able to provide it to our patients! 

Getting to know dental ozone

Ozone has been used in myriad medical applications for more than a century. The “magic” of ozone therapy comes from its being highly reactive or “energized.” Due to its characteristic three oxygen atoms, ozone tries to “shake off” the third atom. During this process, the cell envelopes and pathogens are disrupted, destroyed, or eliminated safely and naturally. In turn, ozone is considered anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, immune-boosting, and pain-relieving. 

Dental professionals like Dr. Alfano may apply ozone gently, conservatively, precisely, and in a low-risk fashion during preventive and therapeutic services or procedures. Ozone gas, ozonated water, or ozonated oils can be administered to promote fast, predictable, and comfortable healing and regeneration. 

Boundless applications 

One of the most useful ways to use ozone therapy at the dentist’s practice is combined with other preventive techniques and products. We incorporate ozone into our regular professional dental cleanings and as part of our patients’ hygiene programs. During these routine visits, ozone can be applied to disinfect and protect the teeth and tissues from enamel erosion, cavities, gum inflammation, periodontal disease, and other threats to the health and integrity of their teeth, gums, and oral structures. 

For patients with existing periodontal disease, dental ozone can be used as a therapy to treat chronic gum infections. Ozone also promotes the reattachment of the gums to the teeth. Deeper infections affecting the hard tissues of the teeth can also be managed with the addition of dental ozone. We can use ozone to prevent these infections from spreading, leading to tooth loss or dangerous systemic diseases. 

Ozone may also be appropriate to build up the minerals in the teeth, strengthening a tooth’s natural defenses (its protective tooth enamel). In doing so, Dr. Alfano helps patients avoid more severe damage to the tooth and the need for more aggressive and costly restorative treatments down the road. Ozone may even be used to relieve pain caused by chronic tooth sensitivity or persistent ulcers and sores. 

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